Coffee Cart Drink Menu

Coffee Cart 

Let us bring the espresso bar to you!
Coffee Cart includes unlimited drinks, and flavored syrups.
Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, English Toffee, Irish Cream, 
Peppermint, Cinnamon, White
Sugar free Vanilla, Sugar Free Caramel, Sugar Free Hazelnut
Seasonal flavors also included!

Shot of espresso with equal parts of steamed milk and foam (wet) or (dry) with all foam

Cafe Latte
Shot of espresso with steamed milk , topped with a dab of froth

Flavored Latte
Your choice of a flavored syrup, shot of espresso and steamed milk topped with a dab of froth

Cafe Mocha
Blend of sweet Chocolate and espresso topped with whipped cream

Chai Tea Latte
A blend of spiced tea and steamed milk

Hot Chocolate
Rich gourmet chocolate and milk topped with whipped cream
Steamed milk with your choice of syrup

Smoothie Cart

Let us bring the smoothie bar to 
Smoothie Cart includes unlimited drinks, and choice of two flavors
Enjoy a thick, cool, delicious smoothie. Perfect for the non coffee drinkers, kids, or just a cool treat! Pick up to two flavors to enjoy at your next event.

Can't decide whether you would like coffee or smoothies? Do a combination cart. We will serve coffee and smoothies!

Call today and we will be happy to determine what best meets your needs, and give you a quote.

Both carts include unlimited drinks.